St. Lawrence International Junior Carp Tournament

August 20-22, 2015




WADDINGTON -- Matthew Delosh of Madrid, competing in the 15- to 18-year-old boys’ division, took top honors at the 13th Annual St. Lawrence International Junior Carp Tournament.  

The tournament, running from August 20 to 22, was hosted by the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce and the international Carp Anglers Group (CAG). CAG’s local membership will take the reins for the tournament in 2016. 

A total of 96 young people caught and released 137 carp weighing nearly a ton in total during the contest.

Grand Champion Delosh had the winning three-fish total of 87 pounds, 3 ounces. His winnings were $2,300.

The complete results from the tournament follow. 

• Total weight of carp caught, 1,969 lb. 6 oz.

• Smallest Fish, Girl, Jessica Payne, 7 lb. 4 oz.

• Smallest Fish, Boy, Nathaniel Milazzo, 6 lb. 2 oz.

• First Fish, Girl, Kayly-Jaye Belmore, 7:15 a.m., Friday

• First Fish, Boy, Travis Stephenson, 7:52 a.m., Friday

• Last Fish, Girl, Paige Levison, 4:23 p.m., Saturday

• Last Fish, Boy, David Plumadore, 4:26 p.m., Saturday

• Most Fish, Nathaniel Milazzo, 10 totaling 129 lb. 5 oz.

• Special Catches, Nick Vielhauer, 15 lb. 14 oz. catfish and a 16’ boat rope; and Bryaunna Murray, seagull

• Sportsmanship Award, Sadie Conger, Waddington. Nominated by Lighthouse Point marshals. Helped everyone, had great attitude despite not catching any carp, helped clean up the area at the end of tournament.

Biggest Fish

• 11 – 14 Girls, Paige Levison, Potsdam – 24 lb. 4 oz.

• 11 – 14 Boys, Joey Greene, Waddington – 26 lb. 1 oz.

• 15 – 18 Girls, Abby Warner, Canton – 26 lb. 0 oz.

• 15 – 18 Boys, Matthew Delosh, Madrid – 26 lb. 14 oz. (also, overall big fish)

• Good Effort: (no fish caught, done by lottery Dustin Grant (Potsdam), Jaelynn Uppstrom (Madrid), Riley Pratt (Massena)

Team Awards

• 3rd Place, Jay’s Dream, Kaylee Green, Paige Levison, Lindsey Levison, Travis Stephenson, Potsdam, sponsored by Potsdam Specialty Paper

• 2nd Place, NNY Outdoor, Jessica Payne, Kaitlyn Reynolds, and David Plumadore of Lisbon, Connor Lauber of Canton, sponsored by NNY Outdoor Magazine

• 1st Place, Reel Spinners, Hanna Hawkins, Chase Mills, sponsored by Waddington Fish & Game; Austin Delosh and Matthew Delosh of Madrid, sponsored by Sons of the Legion; and Joey Greene, Waddington, 2014 Grand Champion.

Adults Competition

• 3rd Place, Vincent Dominy, Potsdam

• 2nd Place, Kevin Gilbert, Hannawa Falls

• 1st Place, Stelian Bogdan, Endicott

Cash Prizes and Awards

• Girls 11 – 14

• $200 plus trophy, 3rd Place, Kayley-Jaye Belmore, Norwood, 35 lb. 6 oz.

• $400 plus trophy, 2nd Place, Kaylee Green, Potsdam, 48 lb. 8 oz.

• $800 plus trophy, 1st Place, Paige Levison, Potsdam, 70 lb. 1 oz.

• Girls 15 - 18

• $200 plus trophy, 3rd Place, Kaitlyn Reynolds, Lisbon, 59 lb. 11 oz.

• $400 plus trophy, 2nd Place, Ariana Ramsey, Potsdam, 66 lb. 12 oz.

• $800 plus trophy, 1st Place, Abby Warner, Canton, 79 lb. 4 oz.

• Boys 11 – 14

• $200 plus trophy, 3rd Place, Joey Greene, Waddington, 73 lb. 3 oz.

• $400 plus trophy, 2nd Place, Kyle Stoner, Lisbon, 73 lb. 13 oz.

• $800 plus trophy, 1st Place, Jordan Gilbert, Hannawa Falls, 74 lb. 7 oz.

• Boys 15 – 18

• $200 plus trophy, 3rd Place, Noah Blair, Waddington, 72 lb. 4 oz.

• $400 plus trophy, 2nd Place, Austin Delosh, Madrid, 81 lb. 3 oz.

• $800 plus trophy, 1st Place, and Grand Champion, $1,500 and trophy, Matthew Delosh, Madrid, 87 lb. 3 oz.



A very special thank-you to this year’s sponsors: Akwesasne Mohawk Casino, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, Mort Backus & Sons, and Pepsi-Cola Ogdensburg Bottlers, along with  ARES / RACES, CAG, Casella Waste, Coach’s Corner Bar & Grill, Great Northern Printing, Kunoco IGA, Mike’s Trophies, North Country Savings Bank, Slic Network Solutions, Time Warner Cable, Waddington Chamber of Commerce, Wild Carp Companies, One on Baits, City of Ogdensburg, Fort la Presentation, Madrid-Waddington Central School, New York Power Authority, Ogdensburg Bridge & Port Authority, Tom and Christy Snider, Town of Louisville, Town of Waddington, Village of Waddington, Horsefeathers Haunts, Howland Pump & Supply, Inc., Save-a-Lot, Twin Bridges/Jrecks, Buster’s Sports Bar, SeaComm FCU, Massena Savings & Loan, NNY Outdoor Magazine, Potsdam Specialty Paper, Michelle Quinell-Gayle, and Brenda LaBrake.

Read the press release on this year's tournament and a new role for the Carp Anglers Group!


Results from the 2014 Tournament:



13-Year-Old Joseph Greene of Waddington Wins Grand Championship 

Waddington – For the first time in several years, one of the younger set brought home the big trophy – and $2,300 in cash awards – from the annual St. Lawrence International Junior Carp Tournament, hosted by the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce last week.

Joseph Greene, 13, of Waddington, pulled in four carp weighing a total of 78 pounds, to make him the Grand Champion of the tournament and win the top $1,500 prize. His fish also placed him first in the boys 11-14 years of age category, adding another $800 to his winnings. And, he caught the biggest fish of the tournament: a 28-pound, 12-ounce carp reeled in at Lighthouse Point in Ogdensburg. Greene fished as part of the Reel Spinners team.

The tournament is catch-and-release, so all carp were returned to the St. Lawrence River. Kids fished from Massena to Ogdensburg for two days, after an opening ceremony and tips from the Mort Backus & Sons Carp School. 

The 96 contestants, from ages 11 to 18, caught a total of 122 fish that totaled a little over 1,919 pounds. Awards and prizes were given out Saturday evening at Madrid-Waddington Central School, during a ceremony emceed by longtime tournament volunteer and supporter Tom Nesbitt of Norwood. Matt Conger of Ogdensburg was this year’s Grand Marshal.

Big Fish

Other big fish winners in their age categories were Kate Rushlo, 12, Gouverneur, with a 26- pound, 1-ounce carp; David Plumador, 15, Lisbon, 24 pounds, 14 ounces; and Jessica Payne, 15, Lisbon, 25 pounds, 13 ounces. 

Teams and Good Sports

In the teams division, first prize went to Reel Spinners: Austin Delosh, 14, Matthew Delosh, 16, both of Madrid, and Mathew Greene, 11 and Grand Champion Joseph Greene, both of Waddington.  The team had a combined fish weight of just over 197 pounds. 

Second place team was Haggett’s: Bobby Voss, 12, Norwood; Isaac Barkley, 15, Norfolk; Alexander Pond, 12, Jordan, NY; and Kate Rushlo. Uppstrom's Bait & Tackle’s Senior Team placed third: Tanner Uppstrom, 16, Madrid, Jeff Mott, 18, Waddington and Mike Cummings, 18, Madrid. 

Bryaunna Murray, 17, Massena; Matt Greene; and Ariana Ramsay, 14, Potsdam won Good Sportsmanship awards. Good Effort awards went to Nathan Brothers, 13, Madrid; Kaitlyn Reynolds, 15, Lisbon; and Bethany Gilbert, 17, Hannawa Falls. 

More Awards

Girls 11-14 Division

First Place: Abby Warner, 14, Canton, top four fish totaling 57 pounds, 14 ounces.

Second Place: Ariadna Bogden, 13, Endicott, NY, 55 pounds, 14 ounces.

Third Place: Breanna Bouchey, 14, Lisbon, 54 pounds, 10 ounces.  

Boys 11-14 Division

First Place: Joseph Greene, top fish totaling 78 pounds. 

Second Place: Quinn Ames, 13, Constantia, NY, 71 pounds, six ounces.  

Third Place: Bobby Voss, 54 pounds, 11 ounces. 

Girls 15-18 Division

First Place: Hanna Hawkins, 16, Chase Mills, top fish totaling 51 pounds, two ounces.

Second Place: Jessica Payne, 15, Lisbon, 43 pounds, 12 ounces. 

Third Place: Bryaunna Murray, 27 pounds, one ounce.

Boys 15-18 Division

First Place: Noah Blair, 16, Waddington, top fish totaling 74 pounds, 14 ounces. 

Second Place: David Plumador, 54 pounds, 13 ounces. 

Third Place: Mike Cummings, 49 pounds, five ounces.

Smallest Fish

Kayla Dinneen, 11, Waddington, and Noah Blair, 16, Waddington. 

First Fish Caught

Ariadna Bogden; Travis Stephenson, 17, Potsdam.

Last Fish Caught

Bryuanna Murray, Noah Blair.

Most Fish Overall

Quinn Ames, with 10 fish caught over the two days.

Adults with Kids Competition 

First place, Jason Adle of Potsdam with a 22-pound, eight-ounce fish; second place, Vincent Dominy, Potsdam, with a 15-pound, three-ounce fish. 


Sponsors of this year’s tournament included Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort , ARES / RACES, Azure River Group, Big Carp Tackle, Cape Air, Carp Anglers Group, Casella Waste, City of Ogdensburg, Coach’s Corner, ENV North Agency, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, Fidelis Health Care, Fort LaPresentation, Great Northern Printing, GWN Baits, Jreck Subs Ogdensburg, Kuno Oil, LeBerge & Curtis, Madrid-Waddington Central School, Massena Savings & Loan, Mike’s Trophies, Mort Backus & Sons, NNY Outdoors magazine, New York Power Authority, North Country Savings Bank, Ogdensburg Bridge & Port Authority, Pepsi-Cola Ogdensburg Bottlers, Pizza Hut Ogdensburg, Potsdam Specialty Paper, Save the River, SeaComm FCU, Seaway Smokehouse, New York State Senator Patty Ritchie, Stewart’s Shops, Sullivan’s Office Supply, The Place, Time Warner, Town of Louisville, Town of Waddington, United Helpers, Village of Waddington, Waddington Chamber of Commerce,  Wild Carp Companies, Tom and Christy Snider, and Derek VanHouse.